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The PVBM has been around for 30+ years hosting fishing tournaments all over NM and Texas.  We are a non-profit organization averaging 25-50 active members in any given year who truly enjoy fishing competitively.  Our goal is to provide fun and exciting tournaments throughout the year.  We use not only our website, but have monthly meetings,  emails, texts, and social media to keep everyone as updated and informed as possible.  When we do get to a lake and host a tournament we do our best as a club to make sure everyone is fully aware of all of the pertinent information for that tournament.  Our club members are all willing to help each other with everything from teaching techniques to how to use various equipment properly.  We are certainly going to be competitive, but we are also here to promote this great activity we all love to do in a courteous and respectful manner always mindful of the environment and fellow lake goers.  Our 2022 PVBM officers are listed below along with their contact info.  Please reach out to anyone of these individuals with any questions, comments, or concerns.  We are continually looking for new members so please feel free to join at anytime here through the website or by talking to one of our officers and or members.  

PVBM Ft Phantom Hill Joby Houghtaling.jpg

Joby R Houghtaling

PVBM Jeff Youtsey day 2 Hubbard.jpg

Vice President
Jeff Youtsey

2021-03-28 14.17.40.jpg

Tournament Director
David Rutherford

PVBM Mike Hill day 2 Hubbard.jpg

NMBN Director

Mike Hill


PVBM 2021 Non-Boater of the Year Lisa Rutherford.jpg

Lisa Rutherford

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