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1st Annual Brantley Lake Ice Breaker Open 1/21/23 Team

PVBM 1st Annual Ice Breaker Open on Brantley results.jpg

Lake Amistad 2/18/23 Team

Lake Amistad 2/19/23 Individual

OH Ivie 3/11/23 Team

OH Ivie 3/12/23 Individual

Possum Kingdom Individual 3/25/23

Possum Kingdom Individual 3/25/23

Elephant Butte Individual 4/22/23

Elephant Butte Individual 4/23/23

Lake Fort Phantom Hill Team 4/29/23

Lake Fort Phantom Hill Individual 4/30/23

1st Annual Brantley Lake Cinco de Mayo Open 5/6/23 Team

Ute Individual 5/20&21/23

Conchas Team 6/3/23

Conchas Individual 6/4/23

Brantley Team 6/24/23

Brantley Individual 6/25/23

Hubbard Creek Team 7/15/23

Hubbard Creek Individual 7/16/23

Brantley Team 7/29/23

Brantley Team 7/30/23

OH Ivie or Stamford Team 8/5/23

OH Ivie or Stamford Individual 8/6/23

Lake Alan Henry or Champion Creek Team 9/9/23

Lake Alan Henry or Champion Creek Individual 9/10/23

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